Personalized Leather Portfolios

Leather portfolios are a great gift to give to your colleague, spouse, or child as they start their new career. Anyone who loves to write, is into photography, or simply needs something that can hold their files and folders will enjoy to carry these around the office. These are useful – but to make them more unique why not personalize them.

Choosing The Portfolio

First you have to choose what type of portfolio they need and how large it should be. If they love to take pictures then you will need something that is large enough to hold all of their pictures. These photograph portfolios are perfect at keeping everything safe and in a certain order. These cost around $15 to $100.

If you need to take notes during a meeting or even during school then you will need to get the pad portfolios. These are ideal for business meetings or people who are trying to write a book. These are about the size of a notepad and have a hard back. This allows them to write in the portfolio and to store it at the same time. These cost around $30 to $100.


After you have picked out the type of leather portfolio you need to choose what color it should come in. These are usually offered in neutral colors like tan, light brown, and dark brown. Some will also come in dark blue, dark green, and dark red. Find something that you know they will love and that is professional looking.

Personalize It

Now that you have all the essentials it is time to personalize the portfolio. Most stores that sell specialty gifts or that sell these portfolios will be able to do this for you with an extra charge. Most people will put the name of the person or their initials on the front bottom right corner.

Another great way to personalize it is to put down a personal quote. This idea is especially great to use for people who are starting a new career. Use an inspirational quote that will inspire them. When you personalize the portfolio it will cost around $50 to $200.